How To Connect WiFi Router?

In these modern times of technology, the use of cables for stuff such as connecting to the internet, using a mouse or keyboard, and others have become a mainstream thing. That is why the modern world is moving more and more to the technological advances such as connecting to the internet and other devices with the wireless signals. Well, as for the internet, it is too easy to make a connection these days. Well, today we are going to teach you how to connect to Wi-Fi router. For doing this, you are going to need different stuff which is our prerequisites. They are listed below:

  • For connecting to mobile phones, you need wireless sources such as a Wi-Fi Router.
  • For extending your signals, you can also use these routers.
  • Of course, you need some devices on which you want to use the internet.
Once you have these things, you can move on to read the following guide which says how to connect to the wi-fi router. Well, if you simply want to connect your devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and other devices, you will need to follow the guide below for doing that:

  • If you are on a laptop, in the taskbar, there will be an icon for wireless connections.
  • From the list of connections, choose the wireless connection you want to connect with.
  • If it is an open network, simply click on connect and if it is protected, you will need the security key or password for it.
  • If you are on a mobile phone, go the settings and enable your Wi-Fi option.
  • Now on doing this, it will display all the connections available.
  • Tap on the connection you want to connect with.
  • The rule of the open or secured network is all the same.
So this is how you connect to Wi-Fi Router. If you want to learn about more of this stuff, keep visiting our website.

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