How To Connect iPhone To Laptop To Transfer Pictures?

For people, who have used Android devices, it becomes quite hard for them when they switch to devices from Apple since their use is much different. This is especially when you need to make connections to a computer such as a desktop computer or a laptop. Now in order to do things such as transferring photos and files from an iPhone to a computer, you will need to learn a simple process. Well, this is done with the help of a software named iTunes. iTunes allows you to connect your iPhone to laptop or other computers and then transfer all the files such as music, videos, documents, and pictures. In this article, we are going to teach you how to connect iPhone to Laptop to Transfer pictures.

Before we move on to the main process, there are certain prerequisites which you need to have so that you can successfully do it. These things are mentioned below:

  • You will need a USB data cable so that you can connect your iPhone to Laptop.
  • Make sure that your Phone and Laptop have enough charge to carry the process.
  • Also, make sure that you have iTunes installed on your computer.
Once you have all that, you can easily learn how to connect iPhone to laptop to transfer pictures.

How to Connect iPhone to Laptop to Transfer Pictures?

Following is the step-by-step guide on how to connect iPhone to Laptop to transfer pictures.
  • Start your laptop and open iTunes if you have already installed.
  • Connect your phone with the help of the USB data cable and make sure that iTunes detect it.
  • Once the iTunes have detected your phone, go to the images section of the phone in iTunes.
  • Now in order to transfer images from the phone, press on sync from phone to laptop.
  • This will transfer all the image files in to your laptop.
  • You can do the same process for transferring images, videos, music, and documents.
  • You can also open the iPhone drive in your 'My Computer' and copy the image over to your laptop.
So this is how you connect iPhone to laptop to transfer pictures. If you want more of such amazing guides, keep visiting our website.

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