How To Connect iPhone Bluetooth To Other Phones?

Even though iPhone is loved by most of the people around the globe, there is one thing for which people really hate this smartphone. That reason is that it cannot connect with other phones using a technology like Bluetooth. In the first iPhone sets, there weren't any options like Bluetooth were introduced and even when it did, you were not able to share the files to other phones. Well, you still cannot do. You cannot iPhone Bluetooth to other phones in a normal condition but guess what? There is still a way of doing that. Yes, this is true and today, we are going to teach you How to Connect iPhone Bluetooth to Other Phones and share all the data you want.

Well, for this, you would want to thank this technology called Jail Break. Using this method, you can unlock any iPhone to its core and then get all the apps and games for free which you couldn't do before. Also, now you can easily use its Bluetooth technology to connect to other phones such as Androids and share data between them. For this, make sure that you take care of the following prerequisites:

  • For this process, you will need to Jail Break your iPhone.
  • Once you have jail broken your phone, install Cydia on it which is an app store alternative when you have jail broken your iPhone.
  • Make sure that the other device is discoverable and you have enough battery back up.
After taking care of that, you are good to follow the guide given below.

How to Connect iPhone Bluetooth to Other Phones?

  • After Jail Breaking your iPhone, Install Cydia on it which is an app store alternative.
  • After installing, open it and search for an app named AirBlue Stack.
  • After downloading and installing the app, you will be able to use the iPhone Bluetooth to connect to other phones.
  • Switch it on and make sure the other device can be discovered.
  • Once discovered, simply pair the two device and enjoy.
So, this is successfully how to connect iPhone Bluetooth to other phones. Keep visiting us for more of us such guides.

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