How To Connect Broadband Connection Without Username And Password?

The internet is something everyone needs. When it comes to making a connection, there are different methods of connecting to the internet. One of the most common services which you get at your home or office is the broadband service. Now, most people think that when you want to connect with it, there is a requirement of username and password which is not true completely. Let us justify this.

When you first get your internet connection, company operator sets everything up for you. This setup includes all the settings of broadband connection to your computer and wireless signals to other devices such as smartphones and laptops. So once the operator has set this up for you, you won't need some separate username and password for making a connection to the internet.

However, if the retailer has set up a password on the wireless connection, make sure that you know it and then you can easily connect your smartphones and laptops to your broadband connection with wireless signals. If you are a novice in this field and if you have got a new computer and you want to use internet on it, the following guide will help you how to do that.

How to Connect Broadband Connection without Username and Password?

Listed below is a step-by-step guide which will teach you how to connect to the internet with your broadband connection on your computer, laptop, or smartphone device so see it below:
  • For making a connection to a desktop computer, install the Ethernet Controller drivers.
  • Then connect the cable to the internet port.
  • Now you can start using the broadband internet on your computer.
  • For laptops and smartphones, you can use the wireless signals.
  • If it is an open connection, just open the wireless and connection it.
  • Otherwise, you will need a security key which you have chosen to enter it and connect.
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