How To Connect 3 Computers Using LAN?

For those who have been familiar with how the internet connection and the internet routers work, they won't face any problem while connecting two or more computers using a single LAN connection. LAN stands for Local Area Network where you get your services by means of fiber optics or other cables at your home or workplace. Now if you have an internet connection and if you want to use it on two, three, or more computers at a time, we are going to guide you about. In this article, we will be teaching you How to Connect 3 Computers Using LAN? Now even though this is very simple, it is necessary that you learn it the best way. Before we head on to the primary procedure of doing this, you should know that there are some prerequisites you need for it. Those things which you need for the process are listed below:

  • For this, make sure that you get an internet router with three or more Ethernet controller ports.
  • Also, since you want to connect 3 computers at a time, you will also need three internet or Ethernet controller cables.
  • Make sure that all 3 computers have the LAN ports with the proper drivers installed.
Once you took care of these things, follow the rest of the procedure which is listed below in few easy step:

  • Power on the internet router and make sure that the internet is connected and working fine.
  • Now take the three Ethernet Cables and connect them one by one to the LAN ports on the router.
  • Now plug the other end of the LAN cable in the respect ports on the computers.
  • If the drivers for the internet controllers are properly installed, you can start using the internet.
  • And, you are done.
So, this is simply how you connect 3 computer using LAN. Now if you want to learn more of such stuff, check other guides on our website.

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