How To Connect HTC To Wireless TV?

With the advances in smartphones, life has become really easy for those who have smartphones. One of the things which have been made very easy by the smartphones is that the latest smartphones can be converted into your TV remote. Old television sets including LCDs and LEDs don’t feature that but it has been few years since many TVs being released features this. You can now convert your smartphones into wireless TV controller. In this guide, we will teach you how to connect HTC to Wireless TV.

One of the latest smartphones released by the HTC is HTC 10. We are mentioning this because for performing this procedure, we have used HTC 10 device. You can, however, use other HTC smartphone devices for connecting them to wireless TVs as well. This guide contains few simple steps which will show you how to do that.

It is basically done with the help of HTC connect. Connect is a built-in phone-to-device app for HTC devices. This app will enable you to connect wirelessly to a huge sum of devices. Obviously, the devices you want to connect with should have that support otherwise, you will not be able to connect. So let us without any further do, take you to the step-by-step guide.

Step-by-Step Guide to Connect HTC to Wireless TV.

Note: Even though HTC Connect is a simple phone-to-device connection app and anybody can learn to use it, it is still necessary that you follow each and every step as it is in this guide. Also, HTC Connect should be present on your phone but if it is not, you can download it right away. So let us begin with that now.

  • Login to your HTC device and open HTC Connect in it.
  • Make sure that the TV or any device you want to connect with is on.
  • Now in ‘HTC Connect’ app, there is an option which says ‘Scan’.
  • Click this button and it will start scanning for devices to be paired with.
  • Now once your TV has been found in the scan, just connect.
  • Now you can control your TV right from your HTC device.
  • This is it!

So this was how you connect an HTC to a wireless TV. Leave us your feedback and any query related to the guide. Keep visiting our website for more free tech guides and stuff.

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