How To Connect WiFi In Laptop On Windows 7? Complete Guide

Just so you would be saying, a normal computer user who has been using them for quite sometime, would easily know how to connect to wireless connection since it is quite an easy thing to do. However, there are people who have just bought laptop for the first time and now they want to connect to the internet in order to enjoy just like other people do. For this, we have designed this easy step by step guide which will teach you how to connect wifi in laptop on Windows 7. Before starting with our guide, I would like to make some notes which you are important and you need to read them.

First, you have got to make sure that your laptop is in the range of signals coming from the router from which you are expecting to receive the wireless signals in order to connect. That is because sometimes the signals are not reaching the laptop and people keep worrying about other issues. The second thing is to make sure that you have installed wireless adapter drivers properly in your laptop. If you have got one, you can get them from our website depending upon your brand. Once we have made sure of these important things, we are now good to with our guide.

Step by Step Guide to How to Connect Wifi in Laptop on Windows 7?

If you have taken care of the above precautions which we have mentioned, this guide should go as mentioned below.

  • First, login to your Windows 7.
  • Now go to the 'Network Adapters' and make sure that the wireless adapter is enabled.
  • If it is enables, go to the 'Manager Connections'.
  • There, you should see the name of the adapter from where you are receiving the signals.
  • Right click on it or simply select it and press 'Connect'.
  • If it is password protected, it will ask you for the password otherwise, it will get connected without any trouble.
  • You can now surf the internet and have fun.
If you faced any trouble during this guide, you can ask us. For amazing tech guides and drivers, keep visiting our website.

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