How To Connect Nokia Lumia 800 To PC (Full Guide)

Nokia Lumia has been one of the finest smartphone series from Nokia and one of its high-end phones is Nokia Lumia 800 which was really liked by the users and it sold millions of copies all across the globe which makes it one of the best phones from the series. Now all the users who have been using phones from this series were facing trouble while connecting their phones to their personal computers and even though sometimes it is very simple because you can connect it by using the data cable and then transfer data or any other thing you want to do with it. Now sometimes it is not possible due to many problems and you need to look for the alternatives in order to connect your phone to your PC and on Nokia Lumia 800 this problem is quite common but you need to worry anymore since we are here with the solution of this problem with the help of which we can now connect Nokia Lumia 800 to PC without any special method. It is just a simple alternative and for this method, you are going to need a software named Zune with which you must have been familiar being a Nokia user. But here in this article, I am going to do both methods which are connecting it with the help of Zune and also the simple method. So, without wasting any more time, let us now begin by first telling you the simple method.

1. Pick up your phone and a USB data cable which you got in the phone box and connect to your PC with the help of this USB data cable.
2. Once you connect it, your phone will ask you whether to allow this connection and you will need to allow it.
3. Then your phone will be loaded on the PC and you will be free to do all kinds of things such as transferring files and other such tasks.

If it does not get connected with the above method, you can use the Zune software to connect your Nokia Lumia 800 to your PC. Follow the guide below to learn that.

1. Go to Google and download the software named Zune from the official website of the software.
2. Open it on your PC and then connect your phone with the help of USB data cable and detect it in the Zune.
3. Then you can easily transfer files and other tasks easily through this software.

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